P56 AS am Mikroskop RGB

Andreas Strehler is an independent watchmaker. He designs and constructs movements and also manufactures movements and components for other brands. Hence, Andreas Strehler is indeed an Engineer for the Brands and a Watchmaker for the Few.

Andreas Strehler designs and builds the watches bearing his name. Each watch is made as it would have been made a hundred years ago: The components of the movements are manufactured in-house, each component is meticulously finished and each watch is individually assembled by hand. On the other hand, Andreas Strehler designs his movements to the most stringent industry standards, using state of the art design and construction software. Further, each component is designed in such a way that an experienced watchmaker, given time and skill, will manage to rebuild it if necessary, using traditional watchmakers’ tools and materials.

The result is watches with the value and beauty of an age gone by but with the precision, reliability and longevity of a modern watch.