A new project with the Andreas Strehler DNA, more attainable watches of quality under another brand name

Andreas Strehler is used to craft masterpieces bearing his own name. But the watchmaker wanted to do something different.

After several hours of design and development, Andreas Strehler decided to create the Sirna. An elegant 3 hands watch that differs from the classic Andreas Strehler timepieces.

The Sirna is born under the new brand simply named STREHLER. The offering is different than an Andreas Strehler, the watches under the name STREHLER are still produced in our workshop in Sirnach but this time by our team of competent watchmakers. Thus, the watches are designed to be in a different style, more simple, aiming for “belle horlogerie” instead of the high horology marvels that the Andreas Strehler watches are.

The goal is not to propose personnalized creation through STREHLER, but rather a more widely attainable daily piece that still have the Andreas Strehler design and engineering inside. For personnalization project or special high end timepieces, Andreas Strehler will be happy to help you, enquire your Andreas Strehler.

The first piece of the new brand STREHLER has been released in May 2023 and is named the Sirna, a reference to the town where the workshop of Andreas Strehler is located. It is a 3 hands with small seconds at 6, stainless steel 40mm wide case for 8mm thickness, with an automatic movement developped and produced in house. This movement called SA-30 has a minimum of 60 hours power reserve, display a large variety of finishing technique with delicate inward angles on the bridges.

The dial is the star. Machined out of titanium, the pattern designed with Eric Giroud is then engraved with a laser in 3D and to finish the dial polished by hand to give it its vibrant shine. For the color, instead of a standard coating, the dial is anodized in blue, which gives that blue color, a color that will not fade overtime since the material itself is affected by the color change.