How To Read The Moon Vernier Scale Featured On The Lune Exacte

Apr 25, 2016

Moon vernier scale

Many people have asked how read the moon age indication on the new Lune Exacte and for this reason we decided to give a brief description.

Lune Eaxcte watch by Andreas Strehler - Swiss watchmaker

On the dial of the Lune Exacte, there is a conventional phase of the moon indication and an additional age of the moon indication with its moon vernier scale at six o’clock. On this high precision moon age scale, a red arrow indicates the age of the moon in days. Two red marks on the scale indicate the new moon and full moon.

A vernier scale on the inner vernier ring increases the accuracy of the indication by up to three hours.

Using the moon vernier is straightforward:

1. The red arrow indicated the age of the moon in days.

2. If the arrow points to a number in the blue sector of the outer scale, the accurate value is also read from the blue sector of the inner vernier ring. The age of the moon accurate to three hours is indicated where the next mark on the vernier ring aligns with a mark on the outer ring.

3. These hours are added to the days indicated on the outer ring.

In the same way, if the red arrow indicates a day on the yellow sector of the outer scale, the hours are also read from the yellow sector on the vernier scale.


Moon vernier scale by Andreas Strehler

The moon vernier scale shows:

1. New Moon – Zero hours

2. 5 days 18 hours (yellow scale)

3. 27 days 3 hours (blue scale)

4. Full moon ( 2 red indicators together)

A patent is pending for this moon vernier scale.

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