Pure form: The One Ring by Andreas Strehler: La Bague Andreas Strehler

The new one ring in gold by Andreas Strehler

Besides being one of today’s leading watchmakers, Andreas Strehler is also an accomplished case maker. This is evidenced by the complex case of his Papillon watches. From there, it was only a small step to take the pure form of this case and transform it into a ring.

Science has found that a female face is perceived as beautiful when its proportions are as close to mathematical perfection as possible. By contrast, a male face is perceived as handsome when its proportions deviate from this mathematical perfection, if it has edges.

Hence, the perfect female watch case would be round, the perfect male watch case edgy. Andreas Strehler has married these two aesthetic concepts when he created the Papillon case which is close to round, but not quite, to give it a masculine aspect.

La Bague Andreas Strehler, is the abstraction of this idea brought to life in the form of a red gold ring.

Andreas Strehler on how he came to make La Bague Andreas Strehler:

“When I’m designing a watch movement, I am always also curious to see to what shapes and forms the mechanical necessities lead me to. Mechanical perfection, in my opinion, leads to aesthetic perfection. With the ring, I for once could reverse the process. I worked with a shape I had created for a purpose, for my watch cases. I then took this pure form and made it visible in the form of a ring.”

Taking this pure form, Andreas Strehler added soul to it:

The Papillon, my butterfly, gives La Bague a certain edge and also a soul. The butterfly, in both the Japanese and also the ancient Roman mythology, represents the soul. By giving this ring to someone, or by wearing it for or with someone, you always carry a part of that other person’s soul with you.”

Thus, La Bague Andreas Strehler is the perfect Alliance or wedding ring but also the perfect friendship ring. It is worn by both men and women.

Weighing approximately 14 grams (standard size), La Bague Andreas Strehler is machine turned out of solid 18k red gold in Andreas Strehler’s workshop, according to the same exacting quality standards as are his watch cases.

On top of the ring sits Andreas Strehler’s own butterfly made out of palladium white gold. The butterfly is forever married to the ring, again using the same technology as for the manufacturing of watch cases.

The engravings on La Bague Andreas Strehler are on the flank, not on the inside as usual: They are visible at all times and do not wear. Individual engravings can be made upon request.

Further variations with precious stones are already planned.