Andreas Strehler – A Brief History

Few watchmakers have achieved so many accomplishments in such a small period of time.In just over 20 years, Andreas Strehler has developed unique movements for the world’s leading brands and created record breaking timepieces revered by watch collectors the world over.



Apprenticeship as a watchmaker in Frauenfeld. A school of watchmaking in Solothurn Switzerland.



4 years at Renaud et Papi as head prototypist and continuing education in watch movements engineering


Independent Watchmaker

Independent watchmaker, restoring clocks and antique watches.



Exhibition of the Tischkalender

First exhibition at BASELWORLD with the Tischkalender – the first watch with a mechanical memory – a new interpretation of Abraham Louis Breguet’s Sympathique.


Patent no. CH693155 for alternative display


The Zwei

Zwei – the first mechanical pocket watch with switching indications



Patent no. CH695174 for a compensating carbon balance.



Chronoswiss: Development of the movement Chronoscope (watch of the year 2003)



The starting of development work for H. Moser & Cie, designing and engineering watch movements.


Founding of UhrTeil

Foundation of UhrTeil AG, an engineering firm and also the manufacturing and industrial arm for Andreas Strehler watches, developing, prototypes, watch parts and watch movements for other brands.



Maurice Lacroix: Le Chronographe their first manufacture movement


A new era

Move to the new building in Sirnach, Switzerland

Creation of Opus 7

Creation of the Opus7 for Harry Winston, based on the Andreas Strehler’s patent no. CH693155


Creation of the Papillon

The Papillon incorporates a movement operating as a living organism.


Creation of a unique timepiece

Montre Anniversaire, a unique piece for John Twaalfhoven.


Museum of Winterthur

A special exhibition regarding Andreas Strehlers work at the collection of watches Kellenberger.

Creation of the Cocon

The Cocon is a combination of watchmaking and elegance.

Creation of the Chapter Three Reveal

A collaboration with Kari Voutilainen for Maîtres du Temps.

Creation of the Sauterelle

The Sauterelle incorporates a Remontoir d’ègalité, a constant force mechanism supplying the escapement, every second with the same amount of energy.

Andreas Strehler received the Prix Gaïa in the category Artisanat‐Création for his ingenious, minimalistic mechanical movements which are conceived like true living organisms.


Creation of the Sauterelle à Lune Perpetuelle

The most precise phase of the moon indication ever built in a wristwatch and Guinness world record holder.


Creation of the Papillon d’Or

The Papillon d’Or incorporates an eye-catching 18 carat gold bridge and a micro differential gear driven power reserve indication.


Creation of the Time Shadow

The Time Shadow is a special watch, limited to 8 pieces for the 8 movements Andres Strehler developped. it features a new way to read the time, and a new caseback. The butterlfy is this time at the center of the dark dial.


Creation of the Lune Exacte

The Lune Exacte features a new patent pending high precision moon age indication, and Andreas Strehler’s patented remontoir d’égalité. It also happens to be the most precise phase of the moon indication ever built in a wristwatch.


Creation of the Sauterelle à heure mondiale

Sauterelle à Heure mondiale, incorporating a local time indication with quick setting, a GMT indication shown on a 3D northern hemisphere, a worldtime indication shown on a disc at the back of the movement and a phase of the moon indication with a deviation of 1 day in 2 million years. As a Sauterelle the Heure mondial also got a patented Remontoir d’Ègalité.


Creation of the Trans Axial Tourbillon

Presented at Baselworld 2018, The Trans Axial Troubillon combine few complications, as the Tourbillon itself, but also the Remontoir d’égalité from Andres Strehler. This one is placed under the Tourbillon, creating a dead beat second taht can be seen on the back of the timepiece.