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A Celebration of 20 Years of Watchmaking

Aug 20, 2015

20 year of independent watchmaking Andreas Strehler

Andreas Strehler Event in Sirnach: 20 years of independent watchmaking


On June 27, Andreas Strehler celebrated 20 years as an independent watchmaker by inviting family, friends, customers and the press to an open day and garden party at his workshop in Sirnach

Starting at ten o’clock in the morning of a sunny Saturday and ending late at night, more than 80 guests visited Sirnach in the canton Thurgau. Andreas Strehler welcomed in the garden of the old textile factory which today houses Andreas Strehler, the watchmaker and also UhrTeil AG. UhrTeil AG – which has its tenth anniversary this year – is Andreas Strehler’s company which designs and produces components and movements for the watch industry.

While the staff of UhrTeil AG gave a guided tour of its 800m2 workshop and explained the numerous precision machines and tools, Andreas Strehler showed his guest around the old office building where his design office is located. Here, he designs the watches bearing his name and also in this office, he assembles each watch by hand out of the components which have been manufactured on the floor of the adjacent workshop.

While Andreas Strehler explained his philosophy to his guests who had arrived from South Africa, England, France, Germany and of course from the French-speaking part of Switzerland in three languages, students from the watchmakers’ school in Furtwangen manned the grill. With food and drink under a tent in the factory’s gardens, discussions continued until late in the evening. Subject: Mostly watches.

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