Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I buy an Andreas Strehler watch?

You can buy an Andreas Strehler watch directly from his workshop in Sirnach, Switzerland.

All Andreas Strehler watches are made to order. After the exact specifications have been agreed between you and Andreas Strehler, the specific components for your watch will be made in his workshop.

Andreas Strehler will personally hand-finish all the components before assembling and finish the watch.

In France, his watches are sold by Ekaterina Sotnikova’s EKSO WATCHES GALLERY in Paris (http://www.eksowatches.com) where Ekaterina normally keeps a few pieces in stock.


  • How do I order a watch from Andreas Strehler?

To discuss the details of your watch and any special wishes you may have, call +41 71 966 11 88 and ask for Andreas Strehler. Andreas speaks German, French and English. Or send him an e-mail to info@astrehler.ch in any of these languages.


  • How long does it take until my watch will be delivered?

Once you have placed your order and made the first payment, Andreas Strehler will start to build your watch.

As he finishes all components by hand and as all watches are assembled and regulated by Andreas Strehler himself, it will normally take around eight months from order to delivery.

While your watch is being made, Andreas Strehler will send you pictures and keep you informed about the progress. You are more than welcome to visit the workshop in Sirnach at any point during the build.


  • How will my watch be delivered?

Your watch can be delivered by a courier service, specialising in the transport of valuable art and watches, or you are very welcome to visit the workshop in Sirnach and pick up your watch.


  • Does my watch have a guarantee?

Andreas Strehler stands behind his watches and they are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.


  • Will my Andreas Strehler watch retain its value?

All Andreas Strehler watches are handmade in limited numbers.

Andreas Strehler designs his watches for longevity. The design of the components reduces wear as much as possible and no exotic materials are used. This means that even in the distant future, a skilled master watchmaker will be able to repair an Andreas Strehler timepiece.

The watch cases, due to their design and thickness, can be completely disassembled and can be refurbished many times.

You should, whenever possible, have your watch serviced and repaired by Andreas Strehler. He knows his watches best and has the original parts in stock as well as the plans and tools to manufacture them.


  • What happens if my watch needs a repair or service?

Andreas Strehler will repair or service your watch himself. In the unlikely event that your watch needs repairing, we will arrange for it to be collected, transported to Switzerland, serviced or repaired, and returned to you by a courier. You will get a detailed quote before any work is undertaken.

To retain the value of your watch, you should have it serviced and repaired by Andreas Strehler. 

Your watch will require a service, roughly every five years, depending on the use of the watch.


  • How do I pay for my watch?

After your build has been agreed, you will receive a confirmation and invoice detailing your deposit and final payment, which should be settled by bank transfer.


  • Can my watch be customised?

Yes. Andreas Strehler will be pleased to discuss your ideas and implement them where possible.


Are the watches built in house?

Yes. Andreas Strehler designs and builds all the components used in his watches. Many of these components are either made by hand or engineered, produced, decorated and assembled by Andreas Strehler.


  • Any other questions?

For detailed enquiries about the watches, modifications, payment etc. just call +41 71 966 11 88 and ask for Andreas Strehler. Andreas speaks German, French and English. Or send him an e-mail to info@astrehler.ch in any of these languages.

For press enquiries, please contact presse@astrehler.ch.