• How To Read The Moon Vernier Scale Featured On The Lune Exacte

    Moon vernier scale Many people have asked how read the moon age indication on the new Lune Exacte and for this reason we decided to give a brief description. On the dial of the Lune Exacte, there is a conventional phase of the moon indication and an additional age of the moon indication with its moon vernier scale…

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  • Sauterelle à lune perpétuelle 2M

    Sauterelle à lune perpétuelle 2M Andreas Strehler will present his world record watch, the Sauterelle àlune perpétuelle 2M at Baselworld 2015. At BaselWorld 2014, Andreas Strehler presented his Sauterelle àlune perpétuelle with a practically perpetual indication of the phase of the moon. Now, he has built an even better moon phase. On 20th July 2014,…

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