• Sauterelle à heure mondiale

        A Voyage from the Moon to the Earth – the Sauterelle à heure mondiale In the same vein as Jules Verne but in an opposite direction, Andreas Strehler has undertaken a voyage from the moon to the earth. It is a voyage from the moon, as this heavenly body and its workings had…

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  • Presenting the Lune Exacte

    ACCURATE PHASE     The most precise phase of the moon display can now be set and read extremely accurately. Precise phase of the moon indications deviate from the synodic or mean moon by one day after a couple of hundred years; Andreas Strehler’s phase of the moon after two million years. This has won…

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  • Presenting the Time Shadow

    Expect The Unexpected   To readers of the book on Andreas Strehler, the words “We actually could…” will be familiar. If in a conversation with his team these words are uttered by Andreas seemingly apropos of nothing, they always are the introduction to the presentation of a completely new idea, often in the form of…

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  • Watch Restoration

    This beautiful pocket watch features an early chain/fusee cylinder escapement, central second, miniature enamel top case and bezel set with rubies and pearls. It also chimes every 1/4 hour on a bell.     Restoration To perform adjustment and verification of the parts, the movement needed to be assembled numerous times, but working on an…

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