THE PAPILLON D’OR - Swiss Luxury watch by Andreas Strehler

The Papillon d’Or

Papillon is the French name for butterfly, an insect belonging to the order Lepidoptera. A butterfly is light and delicate. But, as it has been around for over 40 million years, it is a very intelligently designed organism.

A large solid gold bridge in the form of a butterfly holds the superbly finished gear train with its two sapphire crystal gear wheels and supports the white fired silver dial ring. Delicate yet sturdy……

Winner – Prix Gaia 2013

Andreas Strehler received the Prix Gaïa in the category Artisanat‐Création for his ingenious, minimalistic mechanical movements which are conceived like true living organisms.

Exceptional handcrafted timepieces

Engineer for the brands & watchmaker for the few

Andreas Strehler is an independent watchmaker based in Sirnach, the German speaking part of Switzerland. Andreas Strehler designs, constructs and manufactures his movements in his own workshop with the help of a small and dedicated workforce. He also develops and constructs many of the tools and machines he uses himself.

Andreas Strehler – Die Philosophie der Zeit

“Watchmaking is my life.“

From an early age it was clear what path Andreas Strehler’s life would take. In pursuit of his dreams he became an extraordinary human being, although even today he still describes himself as a „mere“ watchmaker. But a watchmaker with heart and soul.

Born in 1971, Andreas Strehler discovered his love of mechanics at an age when other children were still playing „cops and robbers“. He began dismantling his first technical appliances – and then putting them back together again so that they still functioned. Hardly anything in his parents’ home was safe from his attention, whether cuckoo clock, electric railway or atransistor radio. He was interested in their function, the interaction of their mechanics and their precision. His father even allowed him to take apart wristwatches from his collection to see how they worked. Hardly surprising then that this aroused his wish to become an inventor and a watchmaker when he grew up – although his initial idea was to invent robots and „time machines“.


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